March 14th

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I’d take that seat!

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March 5th

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I will now be instantly aroused upon entering McDonald’s.

February 28th

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That is a wifi antenna. I wonder how good the signal will be inside my butt?

February 18th

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Only $12.99?!?

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January 29th


In honor of my birthday (which is today).

January 21st


It even comes with a remote!

January 14th

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It doesn’t say anything about cucumbers being in your butt though…

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January 13th

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Muggle Magic of the Day: Introducing the Nimbike 2000.


More like the InMyButtBike 2000.

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January 12th

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I would love to get one of these for my bike.

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January 9th


At first I put these in while they were still in the bag. Afterwards, I inserted each of them individually. Some might still be stuck up there!